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TV Show With Interviews, Music & More!

Soul Check TV is a TV show featuring backstage interviews, music videos, family fun and more! Host Sarah Kittle works on the show with her family, who are also featured on the show. See backstage interviews, family adventures and behind-the-scenes!

New Music Video Episode Premieres This Weekend!
This show addresses important issues! Please watch the videos by clicking the link below!

Watch Soul Check TV Saturday nights on the NRB Network DIRECTV Channel 378! Please check for scheduling! You can also watch online while it airs on the NRB Network here! Plus, watch Episodes here on our website Soul Check TV! Click on the menu at the right to select an episode.

Interview That Can Change Your Life! Clay Crosse Episode!
Clay Crosse almost lost his singing career…his wife…and family. Hear his story of re-dedication to Christ that saved his marriage! In this interview with award winning recording artist & author, Clay Crosse talks about saving marriages, living for Jesus, the harm of pornography and how men can be free from it, and more! Hear about Clay’s new album Rededication and book “Dashboard Jesus” (now one of Sarah’s all time favorite books!) Don’t miss this interview that can change your life!

Everfound: Views on Dating, Relationships & Sex
Everfound, a band of four brothers from Russia, joins Soul Check TV for a backstage interview!
Click “playlist” in the top left of this video and select “Everfound Dating & Relationships” video to watch!

Newsboys Episode Now Available to Watch Online!

Newsboys’ drummer Duncan Phillips came to our rescue and went out of his way to help us! Find out how! Watch Duncan’s interview on Soul Check TV about the Newsboys album Restart, their new movie “God’s Not Dead” and more! Watch these sneak peaks and clips from the show!

Candid Moments With Newsboys Drummer Duncan Phillips!
Does Duncan really look like Mel Gibson? And what did Newsboys really eat from the trash?

God’s Not Dead Movie Interview Clip with Duncan Phillips
Watch this encouragement to stand strong for Christ! Don’t deny Jesus! As Sarah says, your relationship with God is more important than what school you go to and more important than a grade! It’s for eternity!

Watch Host Sarah Kittle In This Country Music Video!
Watch an interview with country music artist Lucas Hoge! Plus, we have a very special music video to share with you and to tell you about! What’s so special about it? You have to watch to find out!

American Idol Episode: Backstage with Colton Dixon & Hee Jun Han! Watch here!

Thanks so much for watching!!!! Please help us spread the word and the Gospel!!!!


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