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Happy Thanksgiving from Soul Check TV!

Hey Friends of Soul Check TV! Hope you are all doing well and staying safe and warm!

Did you know this is the 400th Anniversary of America’s first Thanksgiving? Do you know the true historical account of the story? Great friend Jerry Newcombe has created a history documentary titled The Pilgrims to share this important history!

Friends, will you please help support the work of great friend Jerry Newcombe in the exciting release and airing of the first in a new history documentary series to help share the true Christian heritage and history of America?

Watch the inspirational story of faith, courage, integrity, creation of America’s self-government under God and peace with the Indians in this heart warming documentary titled “The Pilgrims” created by Jerry Newcombe and team!

Airs tonight Nov. 22nd on NRB TV, DirecTV Channel 378 at 8:00 pm ET / 7:00 pm CT / 6:00 pm MT / 5:00 pm PT!

You can also watch the Network stream online here:

If you miss the air time, you may pay to rent or buy The Pilgrims to watch online here:

To learn more about Jerry Newcombe’s inspiring documentary The Pilgrims and the exciting new history documentary series, please visit:

Also, for a generous donation of $60 or more to support the work of D. James Kennedy Ministries, you can receive a DVD copy of The Pilgrims in the ministries’ Restoring the Real Meaning of Thanksgiving Combo:

God has blessed me with the great opportunity to work on two specials in this exciting new history series as a Producer, the Editor and the graphic designer for the titles “George Washington” set to release this February and “We the People.” So thankful to God for the opportunities!

Please keep Jerry Newcombe, the team, myself, our work and efforts, and the series in prayer that God will help us and will bless our work and efforts in sharing the Christian faith and America’s Christian heritage!

Happy Thanksgiving from Soul Check TV!

May God bless you all!



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