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Music Video Episode

Sarah & Hayley host a special Soul Check TV Music Video Episode, joined by their friend Angela! The show features a competition between them, plus music video spoofs.

Watch our mini Lite Brite competition inspired by the David Crowder Band’s music video “Shine.” Help decide the winner by voting on our facebook page!

Watch our music video spoofs here! Featuring spoofs of Selena Gomez’s “Who Says,” Switchfoot’s “New Way to Be Human” and Britt Nicole’s “The Lost Get Found.”

Angela joins the set to help Sarah and Hayley host a special Soul Check TV Music Video Episode. Sarah & Hayley met Angela while working on a movie set and have been friends ever since! Angela attends college and loves to dance. Meet Angela and see what it was like to film on the Soul Check TV set.

Watch Full Episode Here:

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