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WELCOME to Soul Check TV!
TV Show with backstage interviews, music videos, family reality and more!
Airs Saturday nights on NRBTV, DirecTV Channel 378!
Hosted by Sarah Kittle
Featuring Lynette Kittle, Hayley Kittle & more!

WATCH ON TV: NRBTV DirecTV Channel 378!
(Please check NRBTV for scheduling.)
WATCH ONLINE: Watch online while it airs on NRBTV!
EPISODES ON DEMAND: Click on the menu at the right to select an episode.

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Thank you so much for watching!

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Blogpost from Sarah!

“The Gospel is the Answer To the Problems of the World: Love Like Jesus”

Read more on the blogs page!

Also, you can hear a lot more from Sarah on her new blog: Sarah Seriously!


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