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Americans Must Not Allow Abortion

If enough Americans unite, the killing of babies can be outlawed.

Abortion is so wicked and evil. If enough Bible believing Christians, Catholics and people who value life will unite and stand together, they must have enough power to insist that abortion be illegal in America. They can start with their cities, their states. What can be done to outlaw abortion? Christians must not allow this in America.

If Americans allow the legalized killing of the most innocent, the most vulnerable – babies inside and outside the womb – precious and valuable gifts from God – don’t think America will stop with the killing of babies.

Where is the fear of God in the land?

Where is the valuing of human life?

We value life because God created it – because people are made in the image of God. We value life because God commands us to love one another. To care for each other. Because it is the right thing to do. Yes there is such a thing as the right thing to do. There is honor in caring for your children.

People don’t want to believe in God. People don’t want to believe that God created the earth and humankind and that we have a responsibility to Him. They want to believe there was a “big bang.” They want to believe the amazing, intelligent human being evolved from monkeys. This is what happens when people don’t believe and fear God: they allow the killing of babies.

Abortion is not driven by compassion. It’s driven by fear, selfishness and greed. The abortion industry makes so much money selling the body parts of the innocent. Their blood is crying out. There needs to be an outcry in the land.

We must not allow abortion in America. For those who would say there is nothing they can do, there is always something they can do.

We need revival and repentance in America. We need people to realize their need for a Savior and forgiveness and to lives their lives in the love of God. Let us pray fervently for revival in America and for abortion to be outlawed.

Thankful Dr. Dobson is speaking out to save the lives of babies. Please read his words carefully:

“Dear Friends,

I write you today to express my great alarm for this nation on many levels, especially related to a bill that was passed by the New York state legislature on January 22nd, the 46th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. The new law is called the “Reproductive Health Act,” although it has nothing to do with health care. It represents one of the most wicked and egregious assaults on humanity in our history. We gasp when we hear of concentration camps in Germany where 6 million Jews, Gypsies, and other “undesirables” were killed by Nazis in World War II. That chapter in history is still unthinkable. But, here in America? We claim to be one nation under God. Are we really going to commit infanticide on the youngest and most vulnerable among us? The answer is Yes! We have slaughtered more than 60 million babies to date, and the killing goes on.

In short, the New York legislature has now legalized the murder of tiny human beings from conception through nine months of a pregnancy. But now, the killing will continue even after birth. If the determination to murder a child is not successful and if he or she somehow enters the delivery room alive, an attendant or orderly can stand by idly while life ebbs away on a porcelain table. The New York law does not even require a licensed physician to oversee this dastardly procedure.

It is painful to consider the plight of a dying child, but we must.”

2 responses

  1. Wow, thank you Deena for sharing your story and taking the time to write! Great points! Thank you so much for the great encouragement! It means a lot and I really appreciate it! I pray God touches hearts and saves lives through your story! God bless you! Sarah Kittle

    February 4, 2021 at 10:11 pm

  2. Deena Koehler

    When i was 27 i was a ride away from what you write about. A Christian woman who I was asking for a ride, said all the right things and I did not go through with the unspeakable. 30 years later and I relive that one choice over and over and amshocked how little I knew! about what abortion is. Just wIthin the year , 2020 , I have been able ,with effort ( because the internet made it a bit hard,)found out about abortion!!! Unsspeakable,
    unthinkable, horrifying and THANKYOU😍 for what you are doing.
    Young girls have to learn how sacred their bodies are and they need to be protected and learn to only submit within a marriage where the man will protect his wife and children. Also women need to know about God and how He will provide for them if they trust. Hollyweird makes promiscuity seem “normal” . It leads to nothing good for a culture.

    February 4, 2021 at 9:54 am

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