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Rhett Walker Band Episodes Part 1 & 2

Soul Check TV had such a great time with the Grammy nominated Rhett Walker Band and got so much footage that we decided to make it a two-part episode! The guys, who are self professing “Rednecks” bring some southern flavor to the show! Plus, Rhett shares his testimony and the band plays corn hole with host Sarah after the interview! And… Hayley is back for an interview to discuss the Rhett Walker Band episodes! And wait ’til you hear what she says! This is a show you don’t want to miss! Watch a preview, clips from the episode and the episodes here.

What on earth are Sarah and Hayley talking about? See for yourself in this clip from the show below. Just a taste of the Rhett Walker Band Episode Part 1!

RWB pics 2 font R

Watch a preview of the show here!

Let’s Talk Corn Hole!

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