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Family Reality/Interview Show Premieres New Episode

Soul Check TV, a Christian interview/reality show is premiering a brand new episode Dec. 6th, “The Journey of Soul Check TV Part 1.” This episode is very close to host and Executive Producer Sarah Kittle’s heart who started the show. “This story is so important to me because its important to share what God has done. The Journey of Soul Check TV is really a story of how ‘with God all things are possible.’ Soul Check TV began as an idea and God brought a dream into reality. My family and I have watched how God has opened amazing doors and provided everything for the show to happen. He has amazed us.”

Kutless InterviewSoul Check TV first began as an online show, although Sarah’s original hopes were for television. The very first interview was with the popular band Kutless, backstage at a large festival. Sarah says, “The night before our interview with Kutless, I sort of woke up in a panic and I thought, ‘Who am I to go in there and interview Kutless?’” Sarah continues, “The band was so nice to us. I’m thankful to the guests who were patient with me in my early beginnings as a host.”

Guests such as Lecrae, Switchfoot, American Idol’s Colton Dixon and Rebecca St. James have all been guests on the show. “When bands and artists say yes to being on the show, I believe that God is the One who is opening the door and granting this opportunity,” host Sarah says. The interviews are uplifting and encouraging with guests sharing their faith in God and discussing current issues and projects. The reality part of the show features family interviews and behind-the-scenes footage, giving an inside look at filming the backstage interviews. The series even includes a two part family dog sledding adventure.

Sarah’s family works on the show with her. “My family is a big part of Soul Check TV. They are so important to the show and they add a lot. They help me with the interviews, with the set, with filming and they’re on the show.” Her mom, Lynette Kittle, who also serves as Associate Producer, and her sister Hayley Kittle, are crew who help with backstage interviews. Lynette & Hayley also appear on camera. “Everyone of us has had a part in Soul Check TV,” says Lynette. Sarah’s Dad, Rev. Dr. Philip Kittle, has also appeared on the show and built the set, located in the basement of their house, where the family films their interviews and more.

Although help is not without some reluctance on Hayley’s part. “I don’t know if we have a number on how many times I’ve quit,” Hayley says. Sarah shares, “I love having my sister Hayley on the show with me. She has a great sense of humor and adds a lot of good commentary. Its so fun to be able to share the experiences with my family and I’m grateful to God.” Part 2 of the show will give a glimpse into the Kittle girls’ Christian upbringing and more.

Making a television show is not easy though. Sarah, who also edits the show, admits, “There’s a lot of hard work that goes into each episode. I will spend hours and hours and hours editing. There are challenges and difficulties, but God helps us overcome them all. I couldn’t do it without God’s help and a lot of prayer and support.”

Sarah also confesses, “When the show was online, I often wanted to quit and to stop making episodes. When I wanted to give up on the show, my Mom encouraged me to keep going. She saw a future for the show. I decided to give it one more year and see what God would do with it. At the very end of that year, right before New Years Eve, something special happened. God opened the door for Soul Check TV to be on television.” The NRB Network picked up the show where it airs weekly. “It’s a dream come true from God for Soul Check TV to be on television.” God continues to provide and open amazing opportunities.

Colton Dixon with Soul Check TV Host Sarah Kittle

The Journey of Soul Check TV also shares about Sarah’s start in television. “God opened the door for me to work at a Christian television ministry with an incredible group of people. God blessed me with wonderful friends and mentors in television production. There God gave me training that I would need to create and produce a television show. I’m really thankful to God for the wonderful opportunities and experiences He gave me and blessed me with at the Christian ministry. I’m thankful to God for the wonderful people there who invested in my life and took time and took me under their wings and helped me learn how to produce and edit and let me be on camera. It was a great experience working there ad I treasure that experience and I treasure those friendships.”

Sarah as little girlAlthough Sarah admits her very first television experience from her childhood. “I was the winner of a contest to be a guest on a fishing show which was also an answer to prayer.”

“The series shows that families can love and work together. Mothers and daughters and sisters can have good relationships and be best friends. I want people to be encouraged and not give up. To know you can trust God to follow Him. I marvel at God’s good plans for us and how He brings all the pieces together. My experience has been that His plans amaze me,” Sarah says.

The show is very evangelistic and shares the Gospel. Host Sarah is very bold and outspoken on faith, relevant issues and pro-life. “I want God to touch people through the show. For people to come to Christ.” Sarah continues, “The Journey of Soul Check TV is really a story of God’s provision and that with God, all things are possible. That when you step out in faith to God’s leading and believe, dreams can come true.”

The Journey of Soul Check TV Part 1 premieres Dec. 6th and re-airs Dec. 27th.

Soul Check TV airs Saturday nights on the NRB Network DirecTV channel 378 and affiliate stations. The show is also available to watch at and during airtime. You can watch a trailer for the episode here:

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