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George Washington Biography Airs!

Exciting News! Praise and thanks to God! The George Washington Biography/Documentary that I worked on will air on television Presidents Day Monday February 21st at 10:00 pm EST / 7:00 pm PST. You can watch on the NRB Network, DirecTV Channel 378 or watch online during airtime at

Portions of the special aired last weekend and more will air this weekend on D. James Kennedy Ministries TV program “Truths That Transform.” The special is also available on DVD. 

Praise and thanks to God for the opportunity to work on it and for God’s help! Thanks to Creator, Executive Producer, Director and Writer Jerry Newcombe for inviting me to be part of the Foundation of American Liberty Series. Specials thanks to D. James Kennedy Ministries for sharing the documentary and offering it on DVD. Thanks to the NRB Network and D. James Kennedy Ministries for airing it on the NRB Network! Thanks and gratitude to my family for all their prayers, love and support!

Do you want to help educate family and friends on the true history of America and George Washington by sharing this biography? You can help cultivate a love and respect for our country and gratitude to God for America’s rich heritage and legacy of Christian faith!

Want to also let you all know about a new George Washington Film Trilogy releasing this month called “Washington’s Armor” by Creator and Director Tammy Lane, based on a book by Historian David Barton. The biography and films really compliment each other! You can check out the film’s official trailer, learn more and meet Tammy in the Release Date video here at Excited for both these projects!

Thanks so much!

Sarah Kittle

God has blessed Sarah to be a part of a brand new history documentary series by Creator, Executive Producer, Writer and Director Jerry Newcombe! Be on the lookout for the new “George Washington” Biography set to release on DVD in February, with portions airing on television. More possible airings TBA.

Executive Producer, Writer and Director Jerry Newcombe is one of the nation’s leading voices on American History with a Christian perspective. Many today are trying to erase or rewrite America’s history, making it even more important to preserve, protect and share it today. Jerry Newcombe serves as the Executive Director for Providence Forum,

With great care, Jerry Newcombe and team bring this story to life. The George Washington special features letters and quotes of George Washington, sharing his life in his own words. From his birth, to his final words, this biography is one for all Americans, highlighting George Washington’s Christian faith, military career and leadership as first President under the Constitution. Sarah Kittle serves as Editor, Post Production Producer and Graphic Designer.

The special, titled “George Washington,” features commentary by Peter Lillback, David Gibbs III, Historian William J. Federer, Eric Metaxas, George Washington descendant Cal Beisner, Walter Williams and more, along with voice talents of Mike Huckabee as Thomas Jefferson, Michael Medved as John Adams, Bob Souer as Narrator, Nick Mancuso as George Washington and more!

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